Biomes and Ecosystems
Biomes are made up of all the ecosystems on Earth. A biome is characterized by a place with similar climate conditions, similiar plant structure, and animals inhabiting the area. An ecosystem is an area in which independent organisms share the habitat and all it in encompasas including the aboitic factors. there are two types of biomes; terrestrial and marine.


the tundra consists of very low temperatures, little precipitation, no trees, poor nutrients, and a short growing season. Nitrogen and phosphorus are the main nutrients and they come from dead organic matter and precipation.


Taiga/Boreal Forests

The climate changes depending on what time of year it is. the taiga usually consists of long winters and short summers. Anual precipation is 15---20 inches. the dominant plant is the coniferous tree (needle leaf trees). many rodents and herbivorous animals live in the taiga.


Temperate Grasslands:

The climate of the grasslands depends on where it is located and what season it is. the precipitation also depends on the location and time of year, but on average there is about 20--30 inches of rain per year. grasslands are areas of flat land consisting of grass, rich soil and no trees.


deserts are extremely hot or extremely cold temperatures range from up to 49 degrees celsius to -18 degrees celsius, but there is usually an average temperature it just depends on the area. there is very little rainfall with less than 50cm a year. Cacti are thge most popular plant,but there are other shrubs. many reptiles and small mammals live in the desert.


Tropical Rain forest:

Tropical rain forests have a fairly regular climate of 20-25degrees celsius. there is no winter and this is because most Tropical rain forests occur by the equator. Precipitation is dispersed evenly throughout the year, the tropical rain forest getting more than 2000 mm of rain. the rain forest are one of the most diverse places on earth, and are home to many different species of plants and animals. the soil in he rain forest is very nutrient poor.