Environment and Human Health

When trying to be environmentally friendly for the earth we sometimes encounter the problem of not being safe for ourselves or visa versa. The best know impacts are related to air pollution, poor water quality and insufficient sanitation. When trying to tie the earth sustainbility and human sustainbility together we enter in to a complex cornucopia of issues.

1. Cosmetics
2. Water pollution
3. Cancer
4. Birth defects
5. Disease

10 Facts:
1. Worldwide, 13 million deaths could be prevented every year by making our environments healthier.
2. In children under the age of five, 1/3 of all disease is caused by the environmental factors such as unsafe water and air pollution.
3. Every year, the lives of four million children under 5 years-mostly in developing countries- could be saved by preventing envrironmental risks such as unsafe water and polluted air.
4. In developing countries, the main environmentally caused diseases are diarrhoeal disease, lower respiratory infections, unintentional injuries, and malaria.
5. Better environmental management could prevent 40 % of deaths from malaria, 41% of deaths from lower respiratory infection and 94% of deaths from diarrhoeal disease - three of the world's biggest childhood killers.
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This is a very biased video. It is just one example of the opinions of one side of the view point.

Envronment and Human Health